Webinar: Web and App Defense: Better Protection Through Better Visibility

Today’s risk and security landscape is more volatile than ever for software and technology companies. IT security today is no longer about simply putting up a firewall and calling it done. Web application security is a priority for technology businesses as they depend on the internet and their websites for ongoing prevention, fast detection, and even faster remediation of known and unknown threats. DDoS attacks continue to be deployed for many nefarious purposes, from simply bringing a target's website down to stealing intellectual property and/or customer information. What is required is a new approach to web security on behalf of struggling software and technology companies: one where DDoS and WAF capabilities are driven by advanced threat detection and data analysis can provide significant visibility into threats.

Join Christina Richmond, Program Director, Security Services at IDC and Dan Shugrue, Director of Product Marketing at Akamai for our webinar, Web and App Defense: Better Protection Through Better Visibility.

What you will learn:

  • Understand how emerging services are driving different security strategies.
  • Discover what you can do to protect your website, applications, and users, and to recover quickly should criminals or disaster strike.
  • Find out how other organizations are addressing these challenges.
  • See how Akamai’s new approaches and solutions to web security with DDoS and WAF capabilities address the security threat landscape.


Christina Richmond
Security Services Analyst

Daniel Shugrue
Director of Security Product Marketing