Cost of Credential Stuffung

Webinar: Key Findings from the Ponemon Report: The Cost of Credential Stuffing

Recorded April 5, 2018

Credential stuffing attacks are on the rise and pose a serious threat to your business. In a recent Ponemon Institute survey, 569 IT respondents provided key stats about credential stuffing, including the costs organizations incur to prevent damage, and the financial consequences when attackers succeed.

With the potential loss of millions of dollars at stake, it’s critical to have a smart defensive strategy and proactive response system in place. In this webinar, Dr. Larry Ponemon, founder of Ponemon Institute, discusses:

  • Costs of credential stuffing, including specific component costs
  • Number of credential stuffing attacks experienced by organizations
  • Volume of user accounts targeted in each attack
  • Frequency of successful attacks
  • How cloud migration affects risk
  • Top 5 consequences of credential stuffing
  • Critical steps you need to take to develop your strategic defense


larry Patrick

Dr. Larry Ponemon
Chairman and Founder of Ponemon Institute

Patrick Sullivan
Senior Director of Security Technology at Akamai