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Akamai Image Manager makes the management of your website assets easier and less of a headache. Exactly how does Image Manager do this? We’re glad you asked.

Image Manager automates the delivery of your image and video assets. This means, among other things, that it delivers your assets in the right file format and resolution for the end user’s device, browser, and OS, while compressing for byte savings without sacrificing visual quality. With Image Manager, you won’t need to create countless variant images or manage them individually; you simply save a single image and let Image Manager create and manage the variants you need.


  • - Automated asset optimization based on end-user environment
  • - Exclusive perceptual-quality algorithm
  • - Creation of all variant images from one original image
  • - An impressive range of artistic transformations including resize, crop, watermark, rotation, and more
  • - Media viewer that enables zoom and 360° spin