State of Internet

Stay ahead of DDoS attackers

Faster, newer, future-focused: The Summer 2018 State of the Internet / Security: Web Attack report has been streamlined to highlight changes in the threat landscape, especially those that may herald future attack vectors or sources. In this edition of the report, Akamai’s security team focuses on trends in advanced DDoS attacks, criminal investigation and prosecution of DDoS attackers, and surprising findings in our analysis of credential abuse attacks.

Download the report to learn:

  • How much the number of DDoS attacks has increased over last year
  • Why size isn’t the only relevant metric for DDoS attacks
  • Which industries have been most affected by credential abuse attacks
  • Where credential abuse attacks have been clustered geographically
  • How DDoS-for-hire organizations do big business reducing malicious actors’ barrier of entry
  • What trends are shaping the design of web security for the future
  • Why business technology and security technology will need closer partnerships to reduce security risks