Go In-Depth on Growing Cyberattacks

The Nominum (now part of Akamai) 2017 H2 Security Report examines the most pervasive attacks affecting service provider networks, consumers, and businesses today. It offers a unique look at new methods being used to launch attacks, examines geographic distribution, and pinpoints areas of vulnerabilities among various networks and devices such as mobile and IoT. A special contribution from cybersecurity expert Joshua Goldfarb highlights threats impacting SMBs.

  • Learn why we see a 32% rise in overall malicious queries: For this, our third security report, we continue to see dramatic increases in the number of malicious queries.
  • Understand ransomware and why it shows no signs of slowing: During the analysis period, we witnessed a dramatic comeback of CryptoLocker when the number of malicious queries from the strain jumped from 3,025 to over a million in May.
  • Learn about spikes in DDoS attacks that can slow resolution rates by 20%: A new amplification attack type greatly impacted resolution rates on September 29.
  • See how SMB threats continue to rise: Security expert Josh Goldfarb digs into the threat landscape.