Coffee Talk | Akamai + Linode: What does it mean for you?

Easier to build, run, and secure applications

Modern applications are built as a collection of services, each with differing compute and data needs. So much so that Akamai acquired Linode to better serve our customers.

Learn how edge compute fits into your cloud strategy. Whether you’re ready to build at the edge or want more out of your CDN, Akamai can help identify where edge computing can improve the digital experience in your existing application architecture.

We’ll take you on a journey highlighting how edge computing is accelerating our customers’ digital transformation goals.

Bring a friend or colleague and we’ll explore:

  • How edge computing can prioritize your users’ experience
  • How certain parts of your application can live closer to your users
  • Our vision for the future of end-to-end compute infrastructure

Bring your challenges — we’ll bring solutions!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022
10 AM ET

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