On-demand Webinar: State of the Internet / Security: DDoS and Application Attacks

Increase your knowledge of DDoS and application attacks, with insight from Akamai’s Security Research and Intelligence experts, by watching this on-demand webinar.

You’ll hear:

  • Who malicious bot developers are trying to attract to evolve their bot evasion techniques.
  • What mental health issues to monitor on your security team to improve wellness.
  • Why up to 45,000 routers exposed 1.7 million machines to attackers.
  • When a DDoS attack isn’t really an attack, and how Akamai experts dug in and diagnosed the real cause of 4 billion unwanted requests to a site.
  • How our experts used two methodologies to gather insight for the State of the Internet / Security report.

Martin McKeay
Martin McKeay,
Editorial Director and Security Researcher, Akamai
Steve Ragan
Steve Ragan,
Editor, Security Research and Publications, Akamai
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan,
Senior Director of Global Security Strategy, Akamai