Live Webinar - 4 Pillars of Security

4 Pillars of Security When Downtime Isn’t an Option and Data Protection Is a Must

In collaboration with HealthIT Security

The risk of patient care suffering as a result of unexpected attacks that impact the ability to deliver quality care and keep personally identifiable information secure is enough to keep security professionals up at night. Couple that with the fact that more employees are accessing sensitive information remotely outside of the traditional zone of control — security is more complex than it’s ever been.

Watch Clator Butler, Senior Security Specialist from Akamai Technologies, talk about the four pillars of security critical to the health provider industry. You will also hear how others in your industry are aligning this strategy to enhance their security program, manage DDoS mitigation, monitor traffic, stay compliant, and move toward a zero trust model.

You will learn:

  • The common vulnerabilities in the healthcare space
  • How to protect your organization with four pillars of security
  • How others in your industry are keeping their patients safe in person and online with digital security
  • Why a defense-in-depth or zero trust model should be a part of your 2019 security strategy