The Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Security

What you need to know to make the best decision

More and more organizations rely on the cloud for Internet security. Cloud-based security offers an enterprise more scale, increased accuracy, and better performance than an on-premise solution alone. Choosing a cloud security solution, that works successfully with your existing security infrastructure, requires understanding what’s being offered. Akamai’s free ebook, The Buyer’s Guide to Cloud Security, provides the background and metrics to match a solution to your needs.

Download this guide to:

  1. Learn why scale matters today more than ever
  2. Realize vendor capacities
  3. Gain insight into DDoS scrubbing vs. CDN-based security services
  4. Explore the power of collective intelligence and IP reputation
  5. Recognize WAF accuracy numbers 
  6. Know time-to-mitigate and comparing SOCs
  7. Understand the need for a multi-layered defense
To learn more about evaluating cloud security solutions, download The Buyer's Guide to Cloud Security today.