Akamai Government Forum 2017

Sessions available to download:

Industry Keynote: Control the Uncontrollable
Dr. Tom Leighton, Chief Executive Officer, Akamai Technologies

Vision Keynote: Quality Over Quantity in Information Sharing – Putting Global Knowledge at Every Processor
Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Former Deputy Under Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, National Protection and Programs Directorate, Department of Homeland Security

TechTalk: The Impact of the Internet of Everything
Danny Toler, Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, Department of Homeland Security

Government Keynote: Cyber Threats and a 21st Century Government
Christopher Painter, Coordinator for Cyber Issues, State Department

Beyond the Web, Track 1: Mobile, IoT, and Everything Else
Paul Girardi, Assistant Vice President, Global Technology Office, AT&T
Bryan Coapstick, Director of Mobile Innovation, U.S. public sector, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Brian Apley, Principal Technical Account Manager and Chief Strategist for Automotive and Manufacturing, Akamai Technologies
Lori Carrig, I.T. Branch Chief, U.S. Census

Beyond the Web, Track 2: Securing the Scalable Cloud – Breaches, DDoS and Other Intrusions
R.H. Powell (Moderator), Senior Director, Security Services, Akamai Technologies
Susan Casson, IT Specialist, Defense Information Systems Agency
Pete Durand, Vice President of Federal, Acquia
Linus Barloon II, Director of Cybersecurity at the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, U.S. Senate

The Advancing Adversary, Track 1: Hacks Happen – Surviving an Attack
Fran Trentley (Moderator), Global Security & Government Services, Akamai Technologies
Rod Turk, Deputy CIO and CISO, Department of Commerce
Wade Witmer, Deputy Director for the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS), Continuity Communications Division, National Continuity Programs Protection and National Preparedness, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Roger Barranco, Director, Global Security Operations, Akamai Technologies
John Forte, Deputy Executive, Homeland Protection Mission Area, Asymmetric Operations Sector, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

The Advancing Adversary, Track 2: Know the Foe – Hackathon Assessments
Scott Bourn (Moderator), Senior Engagement Manager, Akamai Techologies
Corey Harrison, Deputy Director, Defense Digital Service
Justin Calmus, Head of Hacker Success, HackerOne
James Garrett, Operations Chief for the Department of Defense Public Web Program, Defense Media Activity Public Web

Afternoon Plenary Session: The Cyber Agenda
Grant Schneider, Office of Management and Budget Chief Information Security Officer

Afternoon Plenary Panel: Engage the Experts: Cyber’s Road Ahead
John Summers (Moderator), Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Business, Akamai Technologies
Renee Tarun, Special Assistant to the Director, NSA for Cyber and Director for the National Security Agency’s Cyber Task Force, National Security Agency
Donna Dodson, Associate Director Chief Cyber Security Advisor of the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) and the Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Essye Miller, Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity, Department of Defense
Randi Kieffer, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center Deputy Director, Cyber Threat Detection and Analysis, Department of Homeland Security