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Join the Akamai Images Roundtable to Address the Image Management Challenge

The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" is not just for photographs and paintings, it also holds true for web experiences. High quality imagery is extremely effective in engaging users online. Businesses are increasingly leveraging image content to create richer, more engaging web experiences. Rich web experiences enable organizations to attract their audience, connect with them longer, and increase the chances that viewers will consume more content or make a purchase.

Unfortunately, website performance often gets bogged down by images that are too heavy. Developers waste too much time designing or managing solutions that create the derivative images for their sites and apps. Furthermore, developers are faced with the challenge of when to deliver the right image for each user.

Join Akamai for an interactive roundtable at our new EMEA Headquarters in Soho, London. Meet with your peers to discuss the impact images have on the online experience of your customers. Furthermore, explore your team's ability to quickly publish new content, which is tailored to users across all devices.

Attend this roundtable to:

  • Converse with your peers regarding industry challenges and emerging mobile shopping trends
  • Learn strategies to address image weight problems
  • View a live demo of Akamai's powerful new image optimisation products

Wednesday 8 March 2017

12:30–13:00 Registration and buffet lunch

13:00–16:00 Roundtable

Akamai Technologies
7 Air Street
London W1B 5AD
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Aboul Magd Anthony

Mohammed Aboul-Magd
Senior Product Manager
Akamai Technologies

Anthony Larkin
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Akamai Technologies