Financial Institutions can no longer wait to shift to digital transformation.

Hear Akamai and our guest speaker from Forrester Research discuss risks, consequences and costs associated with cyber security breaches and effective technologies for mitigating attacks in this webinar recording.

Download this webinar recording to learn how:

  1. Financial services are transforming as customers demand fast, personalized digital experiences on any device, anywhere, at any time.
  2. How hyper-connectivity opens up new opportunities has also made financial institutions a prime target for cyber criminals.
  3. To engage with today’s digital customer and address the cybersecurity risks that come with this increasingly digital business model.

Featured Speakers:

Oliwia Berdak
Senior Analyst Serving
Ebusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals
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Oliwia is a Senior Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals within the European consumer financial services sector. Her research focuses on the digital transformation of banking, insurance, and wealth management, mapping out digital strategies, adoption trends, and best practices. She helps clients understand how technology is changing consumers' expectations of financial services and what obstacles and opportunities this offers to businesses.

Rich Bolstridge
Chief Strategist, Financial Services,
Akamai Technologies
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Rich Bolstridge is the Chief Strategist, Financial Services at Akamai Technologies. In this role, Mr. Bolstridge is responsible for driving requirements and innovation, enabling Akamai to deliver solutions to the financial services industry. He is the primary interface with the financial services community, and evangelizes on behalf of the company with key influencers and industry analysts.