DDoS Security Trends Report — State of the Internet

DDoS & Web Attacks

Gain insight into the latest DDoS and web attacks to inform your security decisions.

Highlights include:

  1. Five botnets and the rise of 300+Gbps DDoS attacks
  2. Mirai malware’s birthdate as revealed from scanning data
  3. DDoS attacks per target
  4. New types of reflection DDoS attacks
  5. Retailers that were targeted by web attacks over Thanksgiving
  6. Top source countries by region for web attacks

About the Report:

The State of the Internet / Security Report is designed to better enable businesses and governments to make intelligent, strategic IT and cloud security decisions. The report represents analysis and research based on data from trillions of Internet transactions each day, across Akamai’s global infrastructure and routed DDoS solution.