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Deliver high-performance website and mobile experiences, optimized for any device, network and browser, regardless of the connectivity situation with Akamai Ion.

About Ion

Ion is designed to simplify increasingly complex web and mobile delivery and enable a faster web experience that’s always available, secure and scalable to meet peak capacity demands.

Ion provides:

  • Intelligence. Get key insights into mobile requests, allowing you to tailor and optimize the experience for specific mobile use cases
  • Performance. Automatically optimize for diverse mobile and connection types helping customers overcome last mile congestion and variability
  • Scale. Deployed on 99% of mobile carriers and in more than 250 direct mobile networks worldwide, more than any provider and closer to your mobile users

Learn More: Ion Product Brief

Trial Includes:

  • Free Trial of Ion Standard
  • 15TB traffic allowance
  • Certain Terms and Restrictions Apply.