Got Bots? How to Evaluate Solutions for Bot Management & Mitigation

Why blocking bots doesn’t work

If you have a website, you most likely have an infestation of bots. While some bots are beneficial, bots can make up a significant portion of your daily website traffic. Malicious bots bombard websites with direct and specific attack goals, such as stealing customer information, scraping content, and even initiating DDoS attacks. Our latest eBook explores the differences between good bots and bad bots, and explains the best way to manage harmful bots. Here are some quick facts to consider:

  • Bots can degrade site performance, thus reducing user satisfaction and profit
  • Many bots are automated and evolve each time they encounter mitigation or blocking
  • Management of bots is much more effective than blocking

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between good and bad bots
  • How to identify malicious bots and simple tips for managing them as soon as possible
  • The importance of developing long-term approaches to bot management
  • How bots are becoming more sophisticated and finding ways of averting standard bot mitigation procedures
  • Why bot blocking and mitigation techniques fail in the long run
  • The mutating characteristics of bots when they are blocked
  • How incorporating a multi-layered approach for bot management enhances website security

To learn more about bot management and how it can positively affect your online business, download Got Bots? How to Evaluate Solutions for Bot Management & Mitigation today.