Delivering the Best Mobile Experience: Why Leading Brands Choose Akamai

The rise of mobile adoption has driven companies to invest enormous capital and resources into pursuing the best possible mobile experience for their end users. After all, satisfied mobile users behave in ways that support core business objectives – they browse more pages, transact more frequently, and spend more time and money.

As stakeholders across the business have a vested interest in overcoming mobile delivery challenges, how do these teams come up with a unified solution? What should they focus on?

This paper discusses the challenges in delivering the best mobile experience and how Akamai can help businesses overcome them.

Focus Areas:

  • How limited and constrained connectivity hinder mobile web and mobile app experiences
  • Why mobile web and app users suffer device limitations
  • How device fragmentation and browser diversity complicate content delivery for mobile websites and apps
  • The struggle to keep pace with the demands of change for mobile web and app developers