Put Web Images on a Diet to Improve Customer Experience

To compete in today’s market and provide optimized experiences, businesses are tasked with adding more rich media content to their websites and apps. Unfortunately, adding more images and videos can have the opposite effect. This content can slow down your performance and give your users a poor experience. For example, a study by Trilibis showed only 26% of responsive sites had acceptable load times.*

How can businesses make their websites and apps responsive and fast?

This Forrester brief “Building High-Performance Mobile Experiences” examines the challenges and complexity rich media is causing as well as when and how application and delivery professionals should optimize images to maintain acceptable performance.

Report Focus Areas:

  • Rich media and its effect on the digital experience businesses deliver to their users
  • Three technologies to leverage to answer tough image optimization questions
  • How to map out a plan for image optimization

*"Trilibis Spring 2015 Responsive Design Survey," Trilibis, March 2015.