Q4 2015 State of the Internet – Security Report

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Get the State of the Internet - Security Report for the latest on DDoS and web application attacks, quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year statistics, as well as expert analysis of emerging trends and threats.

In this report, you will learn detailed statistics about cloud security and DDoS and web application attack trends observed across the Akamai networks for Q4 2015, including:

  • Year-over-year and quarter-by-quarter analysis
  • Where and how attackers strike
  • DDoS and web application attack activity by vector
  • Global map of DDoS reflectors
  • Sources of web application attacks by ASN
  • DDoS spotlight: A multi-vector 309 Gbps, 202 Mpps attack which was part of sustained campaign over eight days
  • Web application attack spotlight: Example attacks and signatures from each of the top 10 attack source ASNs
  • A look at web vulnerability scanning and probing activity, including top scanned ports
  • Cloud security resources: Q4 2015 threat advisory recap