Mobile Banking and the Digital Experience: How to Protect your Customers

Today's banking customers expect superb digital experiences. Their expectations are set by the last, greatest web site or mobile app they have used - both banking and non-banking. Financial institutions need to transform to meet these demands by providing fast, personalized digital experiences on any device, anywhere, at any time. However, the same hyper-connectivity that allows for these innovative products and services brings with it new vulnerabilities. When those vulnerabilities are exposed, the consequences can go beyond monetary and reputational losses - the loss of trust and customer loyalty can have even greater repercussions.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The need to remain aware of the changing threat landscape with secure services, as it will help you enable a better customer relationship and grow your customer base
  • The importance of understanding why customers use mobile banking and how it can lead to greater loyalty, higher cross-selling, less attrition, and ultimately to higher sales and profits
  • The steps financial institutions can take to help their customers trust mobile banking
  • Case Studies of financial services institutions who have relied on Akamai's Cloud Security Solutions to protect their business, gain customer trust and remain competitive.

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