Is your site responsive and fast?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) can be an ideal solution for your site with its positive impact on ease of maintenance and SEO. However, the average RWD site is heavier and requires more resources than its mobile-only counterpart.

Register for a RWD Report to understand if your site is experiencing performance issues in problem areas common to RWD sites. The report will contain a customized analysis of your site in four key areas and we’ll include the estimated performance improvements you would see with an optimized RWD site.

Report focus areas:

  • Over-downloading analysis of your assets
  • Image quality
  • Image weight
  • User experience

This report is essential to understanding the current state of your users’ web experience and how performance optimizations could help improve that user experience.

Please write to us if you have any questions on the report, or on Akamai’s web performance solutions.

*This report is meant to test websites that already use Responsive Web Design*