Web Performance and Security for Financial Services

Read the IDC white paper: "Web Protection and Performance: Twins in the Age of Cyberthreats"

Financial customers are continuing to conduct more of their business online, increasing the opportunities and risks for financial institutions. Financial IT executives must weigh the benefits of customer convenience and lower costs against increased cyberattacks and other security risks.

In the IDC white paper: Web Protection and Performance: Twins in the Age of Cyberthreats, you'll learn how one large financial services firm has taken a proactive approach to strengthening web security. This firm was able to enhance the web experience for customers, by offloading risk and performance requirements to Akamai. You'll learn why a new approach to web performance and security should be established on a foundation of specific business requirements.

These requirements include:

  1. The realization that an enterprise's online presence will be under constant attack
  2. The belief that the single-perimeter concept is not sufficient to protect the firm and its online customers
  3. The consumerization of IT and the resulting impact of keeping everything protected behind the enterprise firewall
  4. The rising costs associated with cybersecurity and regulatory compliance and the limitations of enterprise resources