Content Delivery Networks Rise to the Challenge

What’s in store for next generation CDN services?

When it comes to the latest Content Delivery Network solutions, media viewers around the world agree; they want their content fast, versatile, and available on any device. Whether you deliver content for entertainment, social sharing, or enterprise training purposes, you have to meet your viewers’ rising expectations.

This white paper from Unisphere Research, “The State of CDN Services: Reaching Global Scale Using Content Delivery Networks“, covers the latest content consumption trends and offers insights on how you can use a content delivery network to rise to the challenge.

In this report, you'll learn:

  1. Optimizing your CDN to deliver media to various desktop and mobile devices
  2. The different types of CDN services that enhance the media and application experience
  3. How to apply CDN practices to match the behaviors and expectations of online video viewers
  4. The importance of content and streaming quality and reliability on viewer behavior