Deliver Blazing-Fast Applications

Download the Forrester white paper: "Fuse Business Acceleration Technologies To Optimize User Experiences"

Over the past decade, infrastructure and operations teams have focused large amounts of resources on making their websites blazingly fast, because website experience had a direct correlation to customer satisfaction and revenue. The introduction of cloud, virtualization, and mobility has expanded revenue-producing applications, which means that enterprises need to optimize richer user experiences.

The Forrester Research report, Fuse Business Acceleration Technologies To Optimize User Experiences, focuses on the networking technologies available to meet this challenge: application delivery controllers (ADCs); content delivery networks (CDNs); front-end optimizers (FEOs); and wide area network (WAN) optimization. Learn how to to deploy them to optimize the user experience.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  1. How to deliver blazing fast web, mobile, and hybrid applications
  2. The complexities of reaching end users in the consumer and enterprise realms
  3. How to provide acceleration for core services and cloud-based applications
  4. Practices for optimizing content, application data, and network traffic