Protect Websites with Security as a Service

Get the Securosis white paper: "Quick Wins with Website Protection Services"

To protect your websites quickly you need to make sure your protection covers the most common attack vectors. A Website Protection Service (WPS) addresses the threats to the application, technology platform, and availability aspects of your site.

It may seem practical to deploy and manage your own devices to protect your websites, but the advantages of an always-on, simple-to-deploy, and secure-enough service consistently win out over yet another complex device in the network perimeter.

In this paper from Securosis, you'll learn about protecting websites using Security as a Service (SECaaS) offerings. The Quick Wins framework focuses on how Website Protection Services can protect web properties quickly and without fuss.

This white paper covers:

  1. Why websites are the path of least resistance for attackers
  2. How infrastructure and regulatory compliance factor into your security plan
  3. Tactics for protecting your site, applications, and network platform
  4. Planning for network security deployment and testing