How Badly Can a Data Breach Hurt Your Business?

Get the Forrester White Paper: "Weighing Risk Against the Total Cost of a Data Breach"

Web applications are easy prey for online attackers. Data breaches are one of the most complex security issues to mitigate. Considerations have to 
be made for application type, scalability, operating platforms, user functions and more. How can you determine and reduce your level of risk?

The latest Akamai white paper, Weighing Risk Against the Total Cost of a Data Breach, covers proven, industry-standard approaches to determining your risk of web application cyber-attacks.

You'll learn these strategies:

  1. Knowing the goal of attackers: data tables and personally identifiable information
  2. Compensating losses suffered by customers, employees, partners, insurers and creditors
  3. How to apply a corporate risk model to determine strategies for different types of breaches
  4. How to apply mitigation strategies to match the type and size of the data breach