Barbarians at the Gate: Enhancing Web Security with Behavioural Analytics

Cybercrime is thriving … as demonstrated by several high-profile, online data breaches in the press recently. As static, on-premise security measures are increasingly becoming ineffective against attempts to steal data and take web services offline, many security professionals are left unsure how to best mitigate these evolving threats.

More and more companies are finding that behavioural analytics hold the answers to this security problem.

  • What is behavioural analytics and what security capabilities emerge from it?
  • What can it do today and what might it solve in the future?
  • And, how can IT security teams harness machine learning and behavioural analytics to improve their security infrastructure and operations?

We’ll answer these questions and more with two top industry experts – Gartner Research Vice President Avivah Litan and Akamai Vice President of Web Security Product Management John Summers.