451 Research and Akamai: Hybridization of Network Security and Performance as a Service

Enterprises have traditionally viewed and addressed network performance and security challenges separately — that view has begun to change. In regard to this trend, analyst firm 451 Research stated, “network performance and better security are going to shape the melding of cloud-based security and cloud-based network and application performance services.” Read this white paper to learn more about the future of network security and performance, including how cloud based service providers will fit into this landscape.

What you need to know:

  • DDoS attacks are one of greatest threats to Internet based businesses and industries
  • Layer 7 DDoS attacks on the web application layer continue to rise. These are the cheapest and easiest attacks for hackers to launch.
  • An on-premise security model is still a viable defense against DDoS, but it is not enough to provide robust protection against Layer 7 web application attacks.

What you'll learn

  • The advantages of moving from an on-premise only security model to a web security environment supplanted with cloud-based DDoS protection.
  • How today’s cloud-based security solutions provide both robust web application security and web content performance, with no compromises
  • Why cloud and hosted services can provide stronger web application security than you can in-house
  • Business concerns based around network and web application security are now becoming intertwined with content and web performance.