Cloud-Based Workflows: The Future of Streaming Video

Read the Akamai white paper: "Securing Cloud-Based Workflows for Premium Content"

In an era of expanding audience expectations and connected devices, delivering a quality online viewing experience has become increasingly difficult and expensive. Faced with scalability challenges and complex workflows, content providers must adapt quickly to changing marketplace demands while minimizing expenses.

Cloud-based solutions help content providers outsource complexity and scale infrastructure on demand. Access to massive computing, storage and delivery resources, and cloud-based workflows minimize upfront capital expenditures as well as ongoing operating costs.

This is why content service providers increasingly use cloud services to deliver videos to audiences around the world, as well as workflow management, storage and transcoding.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  1. The limitations of in-house workflow solutions, such as pre-delivery processing and transcoding
  2. The ability of cloud-based workflows to keep content secure and accessible to users on multiple devices
  3. The benefits of partnering to gain cloud services expertise and a globally-distributed content delivery infrastructure
  4. The impact on capital and operating costs from simplifying workflows and reducing infrastructure maintenance