Media Analytics Delivers Insight into Audience Behavior

Read the Akamai white paper: "The Power of Media Analytics: Data Driven Insights for Boosting Audience Engagement"

In just a few short years, video has exploded onto the Internet, grabbing amazing mindshare and changing the way people shop, learn, play and communicate. Online video analytics can be challenging and costly because of continually-evolving video formats, platforms, devices and audience viewing patterns.

In the Akamai white paper: The Power of Media Analytics: Data Driven Insights for Boosting Audience Engagement, you'll learn about online video’s dramatic growth and shifts in how audiences are consuming and interacting with video. This white paper includes examples of how data can help publishers and provide recommendations on key criteria for evaluating and implementing analytics solutions.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  1. How to manage trends in providing premium content, and how the explosion in user devices and the convergence of media delivery types affects audience metrics
  2. Strategies for measuring the key drivers of audience engagement, to improve monetization from advertising, subscription, or on-demand models
  3. How media packaging is critical to the successful distribution and monetization of online video content
  4. Ways to optimize the four key performance metrics for playback quality: availability, startup time, buffering delays and video bit rate