Leadership Forum Webinar

Exfiltrators, and Hacktivists - What your Department Must Know in the New Era of Security Threats.


  • New Era of Cyber Security Threats
  • Hacktivists Targeting Your Organization
  • DD4BC and the Danger Coming to Your Organization
  • Leveraging the Cloud to Make Your 
Organization More Secure
  • Securing the Unknown - Protecting Your
 Agency’s Infrastructure and Applications
  • Where the Next Attack on Your Agency 
will Occur?
  • Are you aware of the State of Internet 
  • The Mobile Dilemma and Citizen
 Engagement - Slow and Unsecured Case Studies and Success Stories

This webinar was hosted by the Public Sector Technology Exchange (PSTE). The PSTE is an independent venue that hosts national thought leadership forums on the challenges of government, technology, and the citizen. PSTE events are open to the public and free to attend. This webinar panel was sponsored by Akamai.