Learn Why Detection, Intelligence, and Services are the Keys to Protecting Web Applications

Read the Akamai white paper: Improving Web Application Security: The Akamai Approach to WAF

The web application firewall (WAF) is among the most complex security technologies on the market today. The complexity of managing a WAF includes a pre-defined list of rules to identify thousands of potential exploits, intelligence about new attack vectors, and identifying malicious HTTP requests from legitimate HTTP traffic.

You have little ability today to measure, understand or quantify the effectiveness of your WAF solution in a real-time and unpredictable environment. This has led to challenges experienced by organizations in terms of accuracy, performance and management overhead.

Read our white paper: Improving Web Application Security: The Akamai approach to WAF to learn how we combine attack detection with threat intelligence using our a cloud platform and managed security services to better protect your web applications.

Requirements for your WAF solution:

  1. Accurate protection – can it stop more web attacks while blocking fewer legitimate users?
  2. Visibility into attacks – can it remove the guesswork from identifying and responding to attacks?
  3. Adaptability to changing threats – how well will it stop unknown attacks?
  4. Adequate scale – can it handle all of the web traffic that an application is likely to see, without becoming a bottleneck?
  5. Ease of management – how much effort is required to deploy and manage it over time?