Fast and Reliable 4K Video Streaming

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The world is ready for 4K video streaming. Are you?

A revolution is building in online and broadcast video: 4K Video, also known as Ultra HD TV. Before long, your audience will be demanding the 4K quality video experience from your programs and sites.

How can you ensure the quality, performance, scalability, and efficiency of your 4K TV and online UHD streaming content to viewers everywhere?

This paper answers the following:

  1. What online video bandwidth is needed to deliver 4K Ultra HD streaming video to viewers over the last-mile?
  2. Are the world’s residential broadband networks ready to deliver 4K TV content to consumers?
  3. What average connection speeds can handle 4K UHD resolution for online streaming or broadcast?
  4. How can adaptive bitrate streaming assure excellent Ultra HD video performance quality for multiple devices?