Deliver Streaming Video with Cloud Services

Read the Gatepoint white paper: "Moving Media Content Workflows into the Cloud"

How can you overcome the challenges of streaming to an increasingly diverse array of screens and devices? Delivering online media from a cloud infrastructure makes it easier for content owners to enhance workflow and scale for media delivery to a global audience.

Video content owners are in an arms race to keep pace with the burgeoning array of devices and screen formats that consumers are snapping up to fulfll their content consumption needs. The need to offer an optimized viewing experience means creating multiple versions of each video, overwhelming even the most well armed content owner.

Read the Gatepoint white paper: Moving Media Content Workflows into the Cloud, to learn about the scalable cloud-based services that make it possible to deliver content for any experience, on any device, anywhere.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  1. How to provide on-demand access to media, software downloads and video streaming from live and on-demand events
  2. How dynamic media delivery reduces production complexities and enables adaptive video streaming to multiple devices
  3. How scalable cloud solutions and services can drive a global network for faster media delivery from the edge
  4. How managing a cloud-based media delivery network reduces workflow complexity for content owners