How to Choose a Media Player Solution

Read the Akamai white paper: "Unifying Playback in a Hyper-Fragmented World"

Every three seconds, nearly a million minutes of video travels the Internet, reaching users across a dizzying array of online devices. From laptops to smartphones to TVs and consoles, the proliferation of connected screens brings unprecedented opportunities for companies looking to engage and entertain their audiences.

To capitalize on this opportunity, publishers need a video platform that enables the robust, high quality delivery of video across all devices. In the Akamai white paper: Unifying Playback in a Hyper-Fragmented World, you'll learn how to choose a powerful video platform and media player for everything from content management to delivery to monetization.

In this white paper, you'll learn:

  1. How to provide media playback to overcome the severe and continuous fragmentation of the mobile marketplace
  2. Ways to maximize the media player's critical role in increasing audience engagement and value
  3. The importance of analytics integration across multiple platforms to support both web and native applications
  4. Methods for keeping up with media delivery trends to protect your long-term investment in a video platform