Caching the Cloud can Maximize Profitability

Read the Technalysis white paper:"Caching the Cloud"

Viewers are increasingly consuming video on-demand and moving away from watching content determined by a broadcaster’s schedule. For content services and content delivery networks (CDNs), this new usage pattern creates new challenges for their existing delivery infrastructure.

Quality of service (QoS) breakdowns are directly tied to reduced viewing times. To address these issues, CDNs need to look at high endurance flash-based storage solutions embedded into consumer on-premise equipment, managed edge devices, and their core networks, all working in concert to “cache the cloud.”

In the Technalysis white paper,  you'll learn how cloud-based solutions can drastically reduce or even eliminate QoS limitations across your CDN. This can open up new opportunities for customized advertising, lower customer attrition and maximize your CDN's profitability potential.

The white paper explains:

  1. Buffering Leads to Attrition
  2. Flash over HDDs
  3. Caching for Network Relief
  4. High Endurance Flash