The Future of Online Media Distribution

Get the Farinella white paper: "Realizing the Promise of Online Media Distribution"

As media analysts continue to quantify how and when consumers stream movies and television shows, any time spent watching people makes it clear the quantify is as simple as mobile and now. No matter the platform or device, this instantaneous consumption is no longer considered a novelty. Media providers need to deliver content more efficiently and reliably for an optimal media viewing experience.

Read Realizing the Promise of Online Media Distribution, to learn about Akamai’s Media Warehouse concept — where storage, processing and distribution of media content occurs in the cloud. Referred to as a “virtual post facility,” the Media Warehouse gives viewers a seamless viewing experience and content owners receive a combination of security and insights.

This white paper covers:

  1. The new model for media content preparation and distribution
  2. Rights protection, storage and playback with the media warehouse
  3. Insights for the future regarding advertising and consumer behavior
  4. How Akamai is uniquely positioned to deliver the media warehouse concept