Optimize Your WAN for a High-Quality User Experience

Read Cisco IWAN and Akamai Intelligent Platform™: Maximize Your WAN Investment

In today’s Faster Forward world, business network architecture is dramatically changing. For your public and private cloud applications, you can deliver the best of both worlds with a combined Cisco Intelligent WAN and Akamai Unified Performance solution.

Akamai’s white paper, Cisco IWAN and Akamai Intelligent Platform™: Maximize Your WAN Investment, will help you address wide area network connectivity challenges and optimize the user experience.

The white paper shows you how to:

  1. Meet the growing bandwidth demands of public and private cloud traffic, mobile devices, guest Wi-Fi, video training, multimedia product information, interactive kiosks, and web applications and content.
  2. Transition to a scalable hybrid WAN solution that is remotely managed to reduce network costs without compromising security, reliability, or user experience.
  3. Increase business agility to bring up branch-office sites, migrate to cloud, and roll out new services quickly
  4. Improve employee productivity and free up IT staff so they can focus on strategic projects and business opportunities.