The Big Book on SaaS Application Delivery

What is SaaS? Learn about SaaS definitions and meanings

SaaS application delivery has taken the software world by storm, emerging as the preferred solution delivery model across every industry and technology category. It has eliminated the need to purchase, implement and maintain an extensive IT infrastructure. But what is SaaS? And how can Software as a Service (SaaS) technology help you use the Internet to deliver applications that are fast, reliable, and secure, while improving your bottom line?

In the Akamai e-Book, "The Big Book on SaaS Application Delivery ", you’ll learn:

  • How SaaS application delivery became the leading cloud services approach
  • The 6 key challenges facing SaaS application delivery providers
  • How SaaS application delivery solutions help maximize customer retention
  • The essential criteria for deploying a SaaS application delivery solution
  • How an experienced cloud services partner improves SaaS application delivery