Optimize Performance for e-Commerce Sites

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The ubiquity of e-commerce applications and increase in mobile devices has profoundly affected online commerce. Shoppers use e-commerce sites to browse and buy online more frequently than ever before, from multiple online shopping sites across the globe. With improvements in website performance, e-commerce retailers are better able to serve online shoppers and drive online shopping faster forward.

At Akamai, we deliver cloud services and web performance solutions to the top 20 global e-commerce sites and 95 of the top 100 U.S. online retailers — which is why we’re focused on providing the most current and up to date information on e-commerce shoppers’ expectations, habits, and experiences.

We evaluated the data amassed about e-commerce shoppers from our comprehensive 2014 Consumer Web Performance Expectations Survey to create these 9 key consumer insights.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The growth of web shopping and e-commerce applications
  • How fast e-commerce shoppers expect online shopping applications to load
  • The projected growth of mobile devices and its impact on e-commerce experiences
  • The breakdown in e-commerce revenue from mobile vs. desktop shoppers