Webinar: State of the Internet - Security Report: Q4 2015 Findings

Webinar recording now available

Akamai sees more than 2 trillion Internet interactions every day and mitigates 40 – 50 DDoS attacks every month. We analyze this information so we can educate the market about the state of security on the internet. Download a recording of this webinar to hear an overview of what we found after analyzing data from Q4 of 2015.

Trends & topics explored include:

  • Web and DDoS attack statistics and trends by industry.
  • New DDoS attack trends: repetition (average of 24 attacks per victim), duration, size and frequency.
  • Web vulnerability scanning and probing activity observed from 200,000+ machines at Akamai’s Edge Firewall
  • How chaotic actors are using web application attacks to manipulate search engine ratings


Dan Shugrue
Director of Security Product Marketing, Akamai

Miguel Serrano
Product Marketing Director, Akamai