A Modern Guide To Accelerating Web Application Delivery

The eBook to help you accelerate your enterprise

Performance issues resulting from network latency, bandwidth constraints, packet loss, and chatty protocols are just some of the obstacles standing in the way of true enterprise agility.

In this comprehensive eBook, we discuss delivery of mobile apps, Internet bottlenecks, and everything in between. Packed full of infographics, checklists, and industry best practices from subject matter experts, you’ll discover new - yet proven - strategies for accelerating and delivering your global enterprise applications.

This eBook is your guide for:

  • Why requirements are changing
  • How globalization and the consumerization of IT create new challenges
  • Why existing solutions are unable to meet the needs of application modernization
  • What to look for in a web-based solution
  • Benefits of a cloud-based application acceleration platform
  • Best practices